Paul McNeil

about_us The mayor, the man, the legend, Paul McNeil's unique take on surf culture and life is summed up beautifully in his work.


about_us Stunning work from Queenstown based design Duo Makebardo.

Oliver Perkins

about_us The entrancing work of Oliver Perkins.

Petra Mingneau

about_us Petra Mingneau captures a variety of interesting subjects displayed in an exquisite portfolio site.

Jasmine Edgar

about_us Sill Life is the creation of Jasmine Edgar, who combines her beautiful ceramics with a wonderful selection of indoor plants.

Ed Bats

about_us The phenomenal stripped back paintings and collage work of Ed Bats.

Maximillian Scott

about_us The Vernacular subjects captured by Mr Maximillian is nothing short of amazing.

Ryan Romanes

about_us Ryan Romanes has been quietly making a name for himself gathering a string of well deserved design accolades for his perfectly excecuted work.

Daif King

about_us Welcome to the marvelous world of Daif King. Spelled phonetically to capture the NZ accent.

Greta Vanderstar

about_us Greta Vanderstar has been building up a selection of well considered clients that compliment her wonderfully austere photos.

Sophie Oiseau

about_us The works of Sophie Oiseau hum with an off beat sense of humour and deft touch of the brush.

Le Roy

about_us The wonderful LE ROY is a publishing department of DDMMYY. In their own words it is a magazine set up to explore the theme of ‘subjectivity and self design’ with the intention of occupying a space somewhere between a journal, zine and curated group exhibition.

Aaron Dustin

about_us Aaron Dustin has put together a great thought process behind 'the' flag.

Natasha Cantwell

about_us The bizarre and beautiful work of Natasha Cantwell.


about_us Design idols, the Land Boys do some exceptional work and even better when its for an NZ client.

Subject Studios

about_us The avante garde creative platform Subject Studios.

Matthew Galloway

about_us Matthew Galloway has built a phenominal collection of works worth digging into and his site is rather easy on the eyes as well.

Sarah Munro

about_us Sarah Munro creates pictorial illusions that simulate perspective,to generate a disjunctive relationship between the painted object and the gallery space; as if the work, with its emphasized artificiality, exists within a slightly different spatial environment to the room itself.

James Powell

about_us Multi-disciplinary designer James Powell has a portfolio full of graphic goodness.

Ophelia King

about_us Shooting interiors predominantly on film, Ophelia King captures intimate moments of authentic abodes.