Handy Hints

Now im no web expert more of a self confessed html retard, but in 2011 there is no excuse for having a ugly unfunctional website, unless its radically intentional. If design is your life, its your job to make functional aesthetic things, even more so when displaying your online portfolio.

If you dont have the spare cash to hire an expert and want to make somthing nice yourself, forget the complex code, for fast and crisp portfolio layouts here are three simple - intermediate sources to get you one step closer to showing the world the epic stuff that is being made down here.

Cargo Collective. With website for retards usabilty and css editing its no wonder that cargo has become a really popular way to showcase your work. Try the free version to get you started or buy a yearly subscription to add custom url etc..

Indexhibit. Personally my favorite, this is a step up from cargo in that you need to edit the css offline, but with a solid standard framework to start you off, theres no limits to making your work look good, and the satisfaction of editing your code and seeing the results is like that first sip of coffee in the morning sun.

Stacey. I havnt tried this one, its Ahh little bit more complicated but really nice alternative potfolio layouts can be made And there templates are really nice too. From the results I have seen, if you can code a little bit, you will be displaying your jpegs wild styles in no time.